Why Are Doctors Ignoring Cancer Patients? The 14 Best Porn Sites for Lesbians No long fingernails. Just girls who look like best indie dating sites love to hook up with girls.

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There’s a ton of lesbian porn on the Internet, but most of it is the “Oh, what’s this? I’ve never seen one of these before! Let me put my long acrylic nail into it” kind and you’re like, “Nope. Pink Label TV is hands down my favorite Netflix-esque porn site. The site is trans-friendly, prioritizes arousal before sex, and makes all-inclusive casting a part of their mission.

AORTA films makes queer, feminist cinema: lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. What began in 2012 as a Valentine’s Day photoshoot has become a sexual and creative cinematic powerhouse. At Aorta Films you can watch rapturous, creative, and very, very sexy cinema centered around queer people in all their glory across the spectrums of gender and identity. As a monthly backer on Patreon you help sustain every moan caught on film. This beloved queer porn site features a lot of strap-on play, full-length movies, and shorter episodes, and also includes live-streaming video from the set of their porn shoots. Videos range from full-on crazy orgies to a woman who sleeps with her boss to a bunch of queer women sitting around talking about sex as dramatic reenactments play.