Separations Centennial Park group, Church of Jesus Christ Inc. The FLDS Church headquarters were originally located in what was then known as Short Creek in Arizona, on the southern border church of latter day saints dating Utah. The settlement eventually expanded into Utah and became incorporated as the twin municipalities of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona. The exact number of members of the FLDS Church is unknown due to the relatively closed cultish nature of the organization.

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The residents in the area of Hildale and Colorado City have a long history of practicing plural marriage, dating to the mid-19th century. It is taught in the community that Brigham Young, then President of the LDS Church, once visited the area stating, “This will someday be the head and not the tail of the church. This will be the granaries of the saints. This land will produce in abundance sufficient wheat to feed the people. The FLDS traces its claim to spiritual authority to accounts, starting with a statement published in 1912 by Lorin C. Short Creek soon became a gathering place for polygamist former members of the LDS Church.

In 1935, the LDS Church excommunicated the Mormon residents of Short Creek who refused to sign an oath renouncing polygamy. Some of the locally prominent men in Short Creek, after being excommunicated by the LDS Church, later became leaders of the Mormon fundamentalist movement, including Lorin C. The early years of the movement were contentious and saw many differing interpretations and opinions among leaders as to how plural marriage should be practiced. One researcher has suggested that the concept of the FLDS as a separate church entity did not fully arise until a 1987 lawsuit, when the full name of the church first appears. According to this interpretation, the original authority conferred by Lorin C.