Creatively too, the first few months of the year provided few titles to get excited about. However beginning in April, a string of very good films — mixed in with the very bad — ultimately turned 2003 into one of Korean cinema’s best years yet, from cloud9 speed dating and singles events an artistic and a commercial perspective.

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They are listed in the order of their release. 1980s nostalgia has produced cheeky and heartfelt comedies such as Conduct Zero and Bet on My Disco, as well as sincere dramas such as Champion, looking back into the troubled decade with a mixture of longing, fondness and melancholy. Although some of these movies are excellent, it is about time that quality films like Memories of Murder blow away the pearly haze surrounding the 1980s, and expose its dark underbelly. Perhaps no Korean film of recent years has had a greater commercial impact than the romantic comedy My Sassy Girl. The film made instant stars of its leads Jeon Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun, and My Sassy Girl remains the best-selling Korean DVD ever produced. Adaptations of internet-based novels have become a new trend in Korean cinema, following the success of the famous My Sassy Girl in 2001.