In the beginning of working with these practices, it takes concentrated days in a row to make gratitude a habit. Anything that reminds you to be grateful is dating man with hsv 2 you turn your life into gold with gratitude, and that’s exactly what this magical practice is about. Lee Brower presented the gratitude rock practice in The Secret film and book, when he told us the story of the father of a dying child who used a gratitude rock to be grateful for his son’s health, and his son made a miraculous recovery.

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Since then the gratitude rock has been a proven success with many people the world over, who have used it for money, healing and happiness. First, find a rock or a stone. Choose a small size that fits in the palm of your hand and that you can close your fingers around. Choose a rock that is smooth, without sharp edges, nor too weighty, and that feels really good in your hand when you hold it. You can find a Magic Rock from your garden if you have one, or from a riverbed, creek, ocean, or park.

If you don’t have easy access to any of these places, then ask your neighbors, family, or friends. You may even have a precious rock stone already that you can use as your Magic Rock. When you have found your Magic Rock, put it by your bed side, in a place where you will definitely see it when you go to bed. Clear some space if necessary so that you can easily see your Magic Rock when you go to bed. If you use an alarm clock, put it next to the alarm clock. Tonight, just before you get into bed to go to sleep, pick up your Magic Rock, hold it in the palm of one hand, and close your fingers around it. Think back carefully through all the good things that happened during the day, and find the best thing that happened that you’re grateful for.

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