Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the building in Toronto. Hart House is a student activity centre at the University of Toronto. Established in 1919, it is one of the earliest North American student centres. Hart House is organized into standing committees composed of students and faculty, and is dating service for professionals toronto by a similarly composed board of stewards and the warden.

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Its overall design acquires a high degree of stylistic unity through the calm, monumental impression it creates. There are several contributing factors: the stress placed on masses rather than silhouettes, the horizontal lines and the reduction of picturesque motifs to a minimum. As an undergraduate, Vincent Massey read history and English at Victoria University in the University of Toronto, and then completed graduate studies in history at Balliol College, Oxford. Working without a master plan, Massey and his architect continued to adopt new ideas and expand existing ones as construction progressed. Hart House was built during the Gothic Revival era. Originally, Gothic architecture was associated with cathedrals. The Gothic cathedral was built at a large scale.

When the style had first gained its momentum in England and France, the large churches were encrusted with decoration. This decoration depicted biblical events through images so that even the illiterate could dwell in the ideals of religion. Massey’s donation stipulated that the building was to be used only by men, as he felt that a coeducational facility would ruin the sense of collegiality that he hoped to create. Beginning in the 1950s, this restriction created much controversy, as women demanded admission. Massey stood by his original conditions,.

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