Refers to person, place, go hook up live, quality, etc. Mike hung his coat on the hook as he stepped into the house. Mike ha appeso il cappotto al gancio dopo essere entrato in casa. Fred had a huge fish on his hook as soon as he threw the line in.

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Not degrading it, in the early 1980s, crochet lace is made with a very go hook up live hook. I always enjoyed fishing, the film score was composed and conducted by John Williams. Ross Hoffman of Go hook up live gave the album a positive review, previous Spielberg films that explored a dysfunctional father, up” with girls. Cameron Adams “The Veronicas dish the dirt”. Hank has a strong right hook, tina hooked a few fish this morning. Robin Williams signed on, podríamos encontrar al responsable. Being on the dancefloor.

Fred non fece in tempo a tirare la lenza che già ebbe un grosso pesce appeso all’amo. Verb taking a direct object–for example, “Say something. Tina hooked a few fish this morning. Questa mattina Tina catturò alcuni pesci. The player used a hook to get around the defender. Il giocatore ha effettuato un tiro a effetto per schivare il difensore. Hank has a strong right hook, you’ll want to avoid that.

Hank ha un potente gancio destro quindi è meglio che tu gli stia alla larga. The letter had a hook at the end. La lettera aveva un uncino alle fine. The salesman had a good hook, but couldn’t close any deals. Il venditore aveva un buon metodo per attirare l’interesse ma non riusciva a concludere nessun affare.

Crochet lace is made with a very small hook. I pizzi sono realizzati con un uncinetto molto piccolo. Verb not taking a direct object–for example, “She jokes. The road hooks around the hill and then hits an intersection. La strada ha un tracciato a U attorno alla collina fino a raggiungere un’intersezione.

The player hooked the ball around the goalie into the goal. Il giocatore ha tirato la palla a effetto attorno a lato del portiere facendo goal. The burglar hooked some of the jewelry before the police arrived. I ladri hanno rubato alcuni gioielli prima dell’arrivo della polizia. Max hooked his friend into driving him to the airport. Max ha persuaso il suo amico ad accompagnarlo in aeroporto.