Once on the island, he found himself stood in a clearing in front of an old oak tree bearing the marks of unnatural scarring. This, he supposed to be caused by a rope and tackle system used to lower material down into a shaft below, indicated by a depression beneath the tree, about 4. This completed the scene as one Daniel immediately recognised from childhood gold diggers dating uk of swashbuckling pirates.

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As the three boys began to dig, they found the earth still bore pick marks on its smooth, clay sides. Their excitement rose when, at a depth of 1. 2 metres they hit a layer of flagstones. These were removed only to reveal packed logs at 3 metre, 6 metre and 9 metre intervals. On removing these layers of logs, the boys were quickly realised that they were going to need more substantial tools if they were going to recover the treasure of Oak Island. They reluctantly returned to the mainland, making a pledge to return and recover the treasure. Although nine years were to pass until Daniel, Anthony and John were to return to Oak Island, they found the treasure digging site just as they had left it.

Returning with Simeon Lynds, a local businessman, the project now had financial backing and significant support from they local labour force. The treasure excavation had now begun in earnest, with everyone in the syndicate working in return for a share of the gold if and when they found it. As the treasure seekers dug deeper, more oak platforms were recovered at depths of 12 metres, 15. 2 metres, with the addition of coconut fibre and putty. 3 metres, they hit a platform of plain oak, followed by more oak but sealed with putty at 24. Much to the syndicate’s excitement, at 27.

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4 metres, a stone, not native to Nova Scotia was recovered bearing an inscription. They believed they were about to recover a hoard of pirate’s treasure. Believing the pirate treasure to lie beneath the mysterious stone, it was hastily removed from the pit to uncover another layer of wood, rather than the bounty of treasure the prospectors believed would surely lie beneath. As nightfall descended, the party disbanded due to poor visibility and water becoming an increasing problem, the deeper they dug. All digging was aborted until daylight as it was thought the pirate riches could wait one more night in the ground, having been buried for any number of years already. They must have left the island with the thoughts of pirates and vast treasure filling their minds.

Sunday, being the next day, no work took place on the pit due to religious commitments. The group returned to Oak Island on Monday eager to recover treasure only to find the shaft flooded with seawater, all but 10 metres from the surface. All excavation attempts to pump and bail out the water failed, resulting in the pit containing water at a constant level of 10 metres from the top. Digging became impossible in this situation and the project was abandoned for one year. All workers returned to their farms and looked forward to continuing the search in the springtime.