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For artificial gene transfer, see Gene delivery. Most thinking in genetics has focused upon vertical transfer, but the importance of horizontal gene transfer among single-cell organisms is beginning to be acknowledged. Gene delivery can be seen as an artificial horizontal gene transfer, and is a form of genetic engineering. However, the prevalence and importance of HGT in the evolution of multicellular eukaryotes remain unclear. Peter Gogarten have described horizontal gene transfer as “A New Paradigm for Biology”. Bacterial conjugation, a process that involves the transfer of DNA via a plasmid from a donor cell to a recombinant recipient cell during cell-to-cell contact. Gene transfer agents, virus-like elements encoded by the host that are found in the alphaproteobacteria order Rhodobacterales.

DNA that can sometimes pick up a resistance gene and insert it into a plasmid or chromosome, thereby inducing horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistance. DNA that are characterized by their ability to move from one locus to another between genomes by means other than parent-to-offspring inheritance. TEs have been shown to more successfully colonize the genomes of certain species over others. The arrival of a new TE in a host genome can have detrimental consequences because TE mobility may induce mutation. However, HTT can also be beneficial by introducing new genetic material into a genome and promoting the shuffling of genes and TE domains among hosts, which can be co-opted by the host genome to perform new functions. A speciation event produces orthologs of a gene in the two daughter species. A horizontal gene transfer event from one species to another adds a xenolog of the gene to the receiving genome.

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