An annual survey of the world’s biggest airlines has revealed those with the worst safety how to delete my xpress dating account. It also looked at airlines’ operational histories, incident records and operational excellence.

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The website provided safety ratings for 407 airlines, awarding them up to seven stars. Of those, 148 were given the top rating, while almost 50 had just three stars or less. The announcement follows a troubling year for aviation that included two significant disasters, both of which reignited debate surrounding issues of security and concerns over pilot’s mental wellbeing. Why has Russia now confirmed the plane was bombed? On 3 January it was revealed that for the second year running, the main cause of aviation deaths in 2015 was “unlawful interference” – in other words, murder – according to a report by leading air safety firm To70. 224 people were killed when the Russian Metrojet Airbus A321-231 broke apart shortly after its departure from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport in Egypt. In March 2015, a Germanwings Airbus A320-211 crashed into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board.

It was later revealed that pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had suicidal tendancies, had caused the crash deliberately. Geoffrey Thomas explained that Germanwings has retained its seven star safety rating for 2016 because the incident was caused by pilot suicide. By such a measure, the US carrier Southwest is way ahead of all other airlines. It has operated more than 22 million flights and carried 1.

5 billion passengers since its foundation in 1971, without a single fatal accident. Aer Lingus, Flybe and Thomas Cook Airlines – carried only about 22m between them. Malaysia Airlines, struck by two incidents that left all passengers on board dead or missing in 2014, was given five stars out of a possible seven in the ratings: the same as Ryanair and Thomson Airways. Carriers including Thai Airways, which was awarded four out of seven stars for safety, were spared being placed on the EU blacklist. Officials said they would “closely monitor future developments” and would consider bans if air passenger safety was deemed to be at risk. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.