Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about infanticide in humans. Parental infanticide researchers have found that mothers are far more likely than is 12 a good age to start dating to be the perpetrators of neonaticide and slightly more likely to commit infanticide in general.

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Anthropologist Laila Williamson notes that “Infanticide has been practiced on every continent and by people on every level of cultural complexity, from hunter gatherers to high civilizations, including our own ancestors. Rather than being an exception, then, it has been the rule. In many past societies, certain forms of infanticide were considered permissible. Infanticidio by Mexican artist Antonio García Vega. The practice of infanticide has taken many forms over time.

Child sacrifice to supernatural figures or forces, such as that believed to have been practiced in ancient Carthage, may be only the most notorious example in the ancient world. Many Neolithic groups routinely resorted to infanticide in order to control their numbers so that their lands could support them. Both anthropologists believed that these high rates of infanticide persisted until the development of agriculture during the Neolithic Revolution. Archaeologists have uncovered physical evidence of child sacrifice at several locations. Some of the best attested examples are the diverse rites which were part of the religious practices in Mesoamerica and the Inca Empire. Three thousand bones of young children, with evidence of sacrificial rituals, have been found in Sardinia.

Pelasgians offered a sacrifice of every tenth child during difficult times. Besides the Carthaginians, other Phoenicians, and the Canaanites, Moabites and Sepharvites offered their first-born as a sacrifice to their gods. In Egyptian households, at all social levels, children of both sexes were valued and there is no evidence of infanticide. According to Shelby Brown, Carthaginians, descendants of the Phoenicians, sacrificed infants to their gods.

Charred bones of hundreds of infants have been found in Carthaginian archaeological sites. One such area harbored as many as 20,000 burial urns. Tertullian, Orosius, Diodorus Siculus and Philo. The practice was prevalent in ancient Rome, as well.