Jump to navigation Jump to search For Deacon Stephen, the first king of Hungary, see Stephen I of Hungary. Attributes Red Martyr, stones, dalmatic, censer, miniature job dating saint etienne 2015, Gospel Book, martyr’s palm frond. The only primary source for information about Stephen is the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles. Saint Stephen is first mentioned in Acts of the Apostles as one of seven deacons appointed by the Apostles to distribute food and charitable aid to poorer members of the community in the early church.

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According to Orthodox belief, he was the eldest and is therefore called “archdeacon”. It seems to have been among synagogues of Hellenistic Jews that he performed his teachings and “signs and wonders” since it is said that he aroused the opposition of the “Synagogue of the Freedmen”, and “of the Cyrenians, and of the Alexandrians, and of them that were of Cilicia and Asia”. In a long speech to the Sanhedrin comprising almost the whole of Acts Chapter 7, Stephen presents his view of the history of Israel. Thus castigated, the account is that the crowd could contain their anger no longer.