I am preparing a lesson for Young Women. This lds dating standards activities a lesson I taught to the combined group of Young Women. The Lesson is Manual 3 lesson 18 Temple Marriage and I loved teaching this one.

I was drawn towards your link. Sister Joyce said that many activities — ask girls which one they would rather eat. If you standards a person dating works hard and accomplishes what you set out to do, but can’t always come lds with how to do it!

I baked only a tablespoon or two of batter in the cupcake paper and before frosting it I filled the paper with a Styrofoam ball. I got this idea on sugar doodle, but I can’t find it again or I’d post a link. I had someone try the cupcakes and then explained how you need the cake AND the frosting to have a perfect cupcake. This is my version of the cake vs frosting handout.