English-speaking world, leading to more overseas missionary activity. Beginning with the English missionary Robert Morrison in 1807, thousands of Protestant men, their wives and children, and unmarried female missionaries would live and work in China in an extended encounter between Chinese and Western culture. Protestant missionary activity exploded during the matchmaking services inland empire few decades.

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1,400 of the missionaries were British, 1,000 were Americans, and 100 were from continental Europe, mostly Scandinavia. Protestant missionary activity peaked in the 1920s and thereafter declined due to war and unrest in China. Though Morrison and his fellows largely escaped punishment, his converts were much less lucky. Qing Empire’s statue against “Wizards, Witches, and All Superstitions”. The first American missionary to China, Elijah Coleman Bridgman arrived in Guangzhou in 1830.

He established a printing press for Christian literature. The first medical missionary to China was American Peter Parker who arrived in Guangzhou in 1835. Great Britain and France defeated China. The Convention of Peking in 1860 opened up the entire country to travel by foreigners and provided for freedom of religion in China. Protestant missionaries were indirectly responsible for the Taiping Rebellion, which convulsed southern and central China from 1850 to 1864. The 1859 Awakening in Britain and the work of J. The Protestant missionary movement distributed numerous copies of the Bible, as well as other printed works of history and science.

They established and developed schools and hospitals practicing Western medicine. Traditional Chinese teachers viewed the mission schools with suspicion and it was often difficult for the Christian schools to attract pupils. Influential Protestant missionaries arriving in China in the nineteenth century included the Americans William Ament, Justus Doolittle, Chester Holcombe, Henry W. The slogan of the missionary movement was “The evangelization of the world. Later, to give urgency, the slogan was expanded to be: “The evangelization of the world in this generation. The China missionary lived an arduous life, especially in the 19th century. Attrition was high because of health problems and mental breakdowns.