There are far more pretty people one tree hill cast dating Capitol Hill than we can show you here, but here are 40 more of the “most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. The rest of these beautiful people are not ranked in any specific order. Thank you to all that participated and we hope that you will join us in saluting this year’s beauties.

one tree hill cast dating

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one tree hill cast dating

Aaron Gardner isn’t afraid to wear seersucker pants and pink ties. I get a lot of flack for that,” Gardner admitted. Boston Red Sox and his cat Winston. I love that cat,” he said. Winston was the product of Gardner’s previous romantic relationship but he moved the cat up north when he relocated to a group house in Dupont Circle. But he still gets to New Hampshire every few months to see his pet, along with his mom, dad and sister. However, this son of the first-in-the-nation primary state wasn’t always interested in politics.

I was the class clown of sorts and I didn’t take school that seriously,” he says. But the 2000 election changed all that. He volunteered for Republican presidential candidate Elizabeth Dole and eventually became president of the University of New Hampshire College Republicans. As for what this single guy looks for in a potential mate: someone very career-driven.

That’s very important to me because that’s the way I am,” Gardner said. If The Hill ever decides to do a 50 Most Beautiful Pets on Capitol Hill list, Andrew Noyes is sure his dog will make it. Noyes, a technology policy reporter for Congress Daily, is the gushing father of a miniature longhaired dachshund named Lex. He found the dog in a pet store on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. He’s insanely cute,” says the 28-year-old, breaking into a wide smile that softens his otherwise angular features and naturally serious expressions. Noyes, who’s in a five-year relationship, says both he and his dog require little maintenance, which is a good thing since Noyes’s schedule doesn’t leave much room for time wasted in front of the mirror or playing pet groomer. He also does freelance work for local magazines like Capitol File and Washingtonian,  and teaches journalism at American University.