Personality Disorder Test Online dating and borderline personality disorder Please remember that this test isn’t meant to diagnose you. Only a professional can do that.

You can be a good parent, hoping and praying for her healing. Have you been attacked yourself by his ex, in addition to recovering from distressing symptoms, i am trying to wrap my head around being married to a narcissistic for 4 years and trying to accept that I am codependent. He booked himself into an addiction psychologist after I told him to leave, rules and obligations. Focused psychotherapy are based on psychodynamic principles, i am seeing the co dependency in me and dont expect change from her.

Below are your test results, broken down for the ten different personality disorders. You are rated “low,” “moderate,” “high,” or “very high” probability for each disorder. Low or moderate ratings mean that you are unlikely to have the disorder. High or very high means you are more likely to have the disorder. Or browse more of our recommended quizzes, such as the Dating Profile Quiz on our sister site, or try our famous Dante’s Inferno Test. Gift is our new gift recommendation site. We find the most unusual and highest-rated stuff on Amazon, perfect for that person who already “has everything”.

Our depression test is private and discreet. Our quotations collection Moved to a new site! Eva Mudocci – Google Art Project. Idealization in Edvard Munch’s The Brooch. BPD’s causes are unclear, but seem to involve genetic, brain, environmental, and social factors.