4 5 1 4 1 2 1 . IS the smartphone revolution sullying the online dating world? Courtesy of an elaborate algorithm, you studied detailed profiles of potential dates, initiated contact through an anonymized email system and, if you got a response, began a online dating eli finkel that might lead to a date. The new paradigm is a mobile app like Tinder.

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You quickly browse photos on your phone, swiping to the right if the photo appeals, to the left if it doesn’t. If the attraction is mutual — that is, if both of you have swiped right — you might try to set up a date for, say, five minutes later. The pleasures of married life may not be foremost in your mind. Critics complain that Tinder is a hookup app, a good way to pursue a one-night stand but a lousy way to start a serious relationship.

But this is a false dichotomy. As a psychological researcher who studies online dating, I believe that Tinder’s approach is terrific for pursuing casual sex and for meeting a serious relationship partner. Historically, I have been ambivalent about the online dating industry. I worked with a team of researchers to publish a comprehensive assessment of the industry. The first faulty idea was that you could get a sense of your compatibility with a potential partner through profile browsing.

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