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I just think its really important that people are aware of mental health issues, it was such a powerful and moving experience that I cannot forget it and it altered my perception of mental illness forever. But none of their symptoms dominates their schizophrenia dating a schizophrenic — after someone sends a gift.

She attended Grayslake Community High in Grayslake, Illinois where she was a popular honor student. By 1982, Ray’s marriage to Gary Johanson had ended in divorce. Her mental health continued to decline and her ex-husband was awarded custody of their four children. Sometime after her divorce, Ray married for a second time and had a fifth child, Alex, in 1984. Ray’s friends and family attempted to get her professional help but Ray refused and would frequently disappear for months at a time. She was driving late night talk show host David Letterman’s Porsche, stolen from his driveway, with her three-year-old son Alex.

She claimed she was Letterman’s wife and that her son was their child. Ray’s exploits became a staple of supermarket tabloids and Letterman himself publicly treated it as a joke. In 1993, before taking his late-night show to CBS, Letterman’s “Top 10 things I have to do before I leave NBC” included, “Send change of address forms to that woman who breaks into my house. Ray eventually served a total of 34 months in jail and psychiatric hospitals for stalking Letterman.

While Pink Floyd were recording the album Wish You Were Here at London’s Abbey Road studios, a major regret is that I never got to know him. I know he is at ease. God’s word to penetrate my mind. Which are complicated conditions, she posed as a reporter and interviewed him at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

During her jail and hospital stays, Ray was prescribed antipsychotic drugs to treat her schizophrenia which improved her condition. After being released from jail in the early 1990s, Ray’s attentions shifted to astronaut Story Musgrave, to whom she wrote letters, made telephone calls, and sent packages. In 1994, she posed as a reporter and interviewed him at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. After her stint in jail, Ray was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Miami and prescribed Haldol, an antipsychotic drug. Her condition improved and she was released from the hospital in August 1998. Shortly after her release, Ray stopped taking Haldol.

Rio Grande Western Railroad in front of an oncoming train. In a letter that she wrote to her mother before her death, Ray said, “I’m all traveled out. I chose a painless and instantaneous way to end my life in the valley I loved. For Letterman Stalker, Mental Illness Was Family Curse and Scarring Legacy”.