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speed dating event proposal

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Subsequent comments should be made in a new section. YYYY-MM-DD has become prevalent in citation footnotes largely as an accidental by-product of the former date autoformatting policy, now abandoned. The assumption was that readers would not actually see the date in that form. It looks jarring, and some people find it ambiguous. Support – I started seeing this in footnotes when I disabled my autoformatting prior to its deprecation. It has always looked odd, and ambigious, and I always assumed it was a by-product of autoformatting as Alarics has said.

This accidental use is now being cited by some editors as precedence, but I believe this is accidental, and not with consensus. Support: YYYY-MM-DD is unfamiliar and ambiguous to most non-technical readers, and makes it hard for them to style their own footnotes in a way that’s reasonably compatible with the format of existing footnotes. A written-out or abbreviated month is also much more apparent to most eyes, when judging the proximity of an account to the event, or the freshness of a link. I am one of those who finds YYYY-MM-DD ambiguous. My natural reaction is to assume that dates come before months, so if the DD is 12 or less I will generally read it as a month. My first reading of 2009-05-04 is 5 April, not 4 May.