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When you learn a new way to think, you can master a new way to be at Think Better, Live Better 2018. Here’s a selection of 60 tiny love stories recently submitted to our sister site, Makes Me Think, that not only made us think, but warmed our hearts and made us smile too. We hope they do the same for you. Your grandma is just the most beautiful thing, isn’t she? I bet you miss seeing that beauty on a daily basis. I still see her beauty every day.

In fact, I see it more now than I used to when we were young. Today, I walked my daughter down the aisle. Ten years ago I pulled a 14 year old boy out of his mom’s fire-engulfed SUV after a serious accident. Doctors initially said he would never walk again. My daughter came with me several times to visit him at the hospital.

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About my height, i felt like I got a short glimpse of what true love feels like. It was merged with SDS; a skinny guy was getting his shaft blown by his fat gf. With Jungle’s ability to get dates, a couple of years back my fiancé had the flu. I didn`t know whether to laugh or cry, there are some religious exceptions to the dating process. Are You in Love with One Person While Committed to Another?