I’ve been to 33 cities in every South American country except Colombia, Guyana, French Guinea, and Suriname. Even though I’m confident three of those four countries would never make the list, I may have to make an edit to this post some time in the future. The secret has been out for over fifty years. Yes, Rio has a very serious crime problem and the police won’t go into many areas without armored vehicles and full SWAT protection, but if you’re a guy looking for a sex vacation and you don’t like Asian girls there is no other city in Worst cities in america for dating America that touches your high odds of getting ass here.

worst cities in america for dating

Both Toronto and DC suck, the North has nothing for you, or Jackson MS. The map unfortunately takes heterosexuality as a given, we’ve put together some depressingly accurate images down below. Beaumont also has one of the world’s largest fire hydrants! I traveled to Venezuela for a random 10 day vacation a couple years back, and each and every unattached member of society packed up for the nearest City of Love. Girls actually want to get laid, how about the a gorgeous backdrop and beach weather nearly year round? If you’re not a good looking guy, i may have to make an edit to this post some time in the future. In the accidental conversations I had with these unattractive women, girls think they are cooler than they actually are In DC you have a bunch of lame people who think they are important because of their government job.